1.) Print out this page (click here). / (or here) Cut and use as invitations to visit this website. Invitations are sized to regular business card dimensions. This will work if you have Microsoft Word. Include with bills, car payments, and with anything you wish to invite people to look into the Word of God and how to enter the kingdom of heaven. Be creative. Spread the Word!



2.) The Good News (in a nutshell) booklet—free to download and printout (in Microsoft Word).

Directions: This is a four page brochure. Print out in “landscape” page format. First, print page 1, then turn over and feed through your printer an second time and print page 2 on opposite side of paper. Print pages 3 and 4 single sided. At end you should have one two sided page and two single sided pages. Fold in half and assemble into brochure. Staple on spine and distribute.


3.) The Birds and the Bees (The facts of life according to the Bible) tract.

Prints two tracts per 8 ˝”x 11” page. Print on one side, then flip the page over and run through your printer again for the other side. Fold, cut, and distrubute.


4.) Live Forever—Obey Acts 2:38 Stickers – Use Avery #5160 Address labels. Print your own and stick wherever!




Learn to defend the gospel



Bumper Sticker

















This page updated: May 30, 2006